Dublin Day 4

We didn’t skip day three, we just spent it cheering the Yellow Jackets to victory over Boston College. More on that in the last post. Today was spent largely at the Guinness Storehouse and then around Dublin. We decided to do a hop-on hop-off bus which turned out to be a mixed bag. The first leg got us to Guinness in plenty of time to start our tour. This isn’t a typical brewery tour which made both of us happy. Beer is made largely the same way anywhere in the world (barely, hops, wort, yeast, yadda yadda yadda). This tour was a celebration of Guinness as an institution. The tour started out with a brief introduction about brewing but quickly shifted to the history of Guinness and some interesting vignettes abut the family.

At the end of the brewing section, there was a tasting room that looked like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  All white with scented vapor points in each corner. The whole room smelled of roasted grains (and all of the caramel and chocolate notes they bring). From there, we learned the proper way to taste Guinness (as if there was a wrong way!) and a bit more history of the family.

The rest of the tour was spent on advertising. Guinness’ more modern ads had an incredibly polished, almost avant garde feel to them that reminded Drew of these James Boag ads. Arresting, interesting, and on message, but they felt a bit soulless compared to the toucans and “Guinness for Strength” campaigns of the early 20th Century.

All tour tickets include a pint in the Gravity bar, which has stunning views of the city. The day had gone from rainy to sunny, so we had a great vantage point. It’s strange that there aren’t any tall buildings in the city. The bar might have been the highest point outside of a church steeple. After we finished, we hoped back on the bus and promptly got lost. Well, we didn’t get lost, but the driver seemed to have been confused about the route he was supposed to take or maybe he was trying to get to the hurling finals early.  Either way, we randomly drove through the north side of the city and then had to find lunch (Farm, delicious), which didn’t leave much time for anything else, although we did watch the final few minutes of the hurling. We’re out of the city tomorrow and into the western part of the island. The last of our Dublin pictures are here.