The Burren Way, Day 2: Doolin to Fanore

Sorry for the delay in posting. Spotty internet has kept us from uploading pictures or posts.

We ate a great breakfast in Doolin before setting out – we both like kippers, who knew? Since a good bit of the hike was on a main road, our B&B hosts offered to drive us to the start of the real trail. Hiking on the narrow roads in Ireland isn’t fun, particularly when there’s a lot of traffic on them. We gladly accepted, only to belatedly figure out we’d just cut off half the hike! Still, we were thankful for the lift as the afternoon forecast called for rain.

The start of the hike was on a rough road that turned into a gravel farm track and then back into a road for the final descent into Fanore. We enjoyed the views and found a great spot to stop and have lunch before the weather turned sour.

The weather was overcast for most of the hike and we did get caught in some rain towards the end, but this was still a significant improvement over Tuesday. The trail was pleasant to walk on and we had stunning views leading down to the coast. It turns out the the trail was part of a running festival a few weeks ago – we saw signs for the half marathon as we started down the hill.

Fanore is a small town that’s spread out over several kilometers. We found a fantastic cafe and enjoyed a delicious buttermilk berry sponge after our long hike. We really wanted to go back for dinner, but since the tourist season is ending, they are only open for lunch.

Just down the road there was a ruined church with a grave yard, although we were somewhat surprised to see that many of the tombstones were from the 20th century. We ended the night at the local pub and headed to sleep hoping the weather would improve the next day. We’re in Fanore for another day so we’ll go for a loop hike before heading to Ballyvaughn. Pictures are here.