Miami Wrap Up

Sorry I missed a weekend there. My third weekend got derailed by a wicked head cold. Despite that  I still got out and did a couple of things.

The temperatures finally caught up with the me and broke 100.  Of course that’s also the weekend I planned some serious outdoor activities.  First on my list was the Zoo. It’s definitely a kid friendly place with lots for little people to do.  Several of the exhibits were great. I liked the amazon exhibit and the Asian aviary was nicely laid out too.  I was a bit disappointed in the Aussie exhibit though as I was hoping say hello to some old friends.  Coworkers warned about the lack of shade and wow were they right. I zigzagged my way from patch to patch and still felt like I got burned. Despite the head, some of the animals were pretty active so I got some good shots.

Fighting the head cold, I decided to visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. The grounds were lovely but I left my memory card at home (sad trombone) so the only pics I got were from my cellphone. The gardens are great. I highly recommend the tram ride. It’s included in the ticket price and is easy way to see where you want to walk around the gardens later. A WPA project from the depression, I wanted a bit more history about the design and building of the grounds but there wasn’t any.

The heat was bad and with my head killing me, I limited my visit to the orchid section and the butterfly house.  The kaleidoscope  of butterflies (really the term!) in the house was amazing.  There were so many Blue Morphos that I just wanted to sit down and let them swarm all over me.  I figured sneezing all over them was probably bad so I exited quickly.

My last weekend was spent running an ultra relay from Key Largo to Key West. Team Lucky 1101 consisted of six of us from work ran who the last 100 miles of US1 in roughly 3 mile stretches.  A coworker had to bail at the last minute so I stepped up and gave it my best.  It was hot (heat index of 100+), no breeze, and very little shade.  We finished in just under 18 hours which was great because it meant we did it in one day. I took a couple of pics at the various tiny islands we stopped on but didn’t bring my camera.  A wise decision since we were a bit cramped in the car. I had a great time and would consider doing it again if I’m ever back this way.

Pictures here as usual That pretty much wraps up my time here. Looking forward to being home.


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