Miami Weekend 2

Same as the last post photos can be found here.  Scroll past the updates from last time. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’m working on it.

The weekend stared early this time; A Thursday night baseball game watching the Fish play the Diamondbacks.  I was thoroughly impressed by Marlin’s Stadium.  It was clean, the food was pretty good, and well laid out.  The clean might have been helped that it was empty.  I know the Marlins’ aren’t great this year but to see a stadium that empty is kind of sad. I guess I shouldn’t complain since I got great seats cheap but I’m always a little sad when the stadiums are that empty. As an aside, there was a huge bobble head display in the stadium which had both the original racing presidents but my baseball hero, Rollie Fingers.  Need to get one of those.

For Saturday I made it down to Everglades National Park.  I highly recommend stopping at “Robert is Here” for a smoothie along the way. My strawberry mango was amazing. Also, make sure you have gas. There isn’t in any in the park and Flamingo (the far end) is ~30-45 min one way in.  The park is full of little short hikes at very specific spots due to the marshy and unpredictable nature of the terrain.  I feel guilty but I enjoyed Kakadu more.  It probably has to do with the excellent company I had but Kakadu felt more organized and accessible than the Everglades.  I didn’t get a chance to take boat tour but I did get to see lots of wildlife which was nice.

Sunday was back to Miami beach for breakfast and a walk around the west side of the island.  If you’re in the area, Yardbird is worth the trip.  I didn’t get the chicken and waffles but will the next time I go back (totally worth a second trip).  After a nice stroll through some of the residential areas, I headed up to the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church.  A cloistered monastery from 12th century Spain, it was moved whole sale to Florida and then taken over by the Episcopal church and serves as a parish today.  The building is amazing although small when compared to modern churches. They even have some of the original heraldic devices  in the walls. Strangely, this felt more appropriate than did Vizcaya. There was a service on going so I couldn’t get pictures of the sanctuary.   If you’re in the area (Coconut Grove is not) it’s worth the visit.

Again, pictures are here. We’ll see what next weekend holds.  Half way through my trip. Looking forward to getting back to DC.


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