Miami Weekend 1


Note: Google is being stupid and not letting embed my photos.  Go here to see photos from this weekend and the rest of the trip

I’m on travel to Miami for a month.  It’s hard to get used to living out of a suitcase and in a hotel for that long but I’m trying to make the best of it.  Officially I’m here to work but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to go exploring and see the city.   Because it’s the first weekend, I wanted to stay local so I started at the Villa Vizcaya. The villa is an interesting place.  It reminded me of Citizen Kane in the bizarre transplantation of old world French/Italian culture into the swamps of Florida.  There are no photographs allowed in the house but every room is completely decorated as in works inspired by or taken from late 18th and early 19th century Europe. I found the ground particularly odd;  Romanesque statues and mangrove trees aren’t usually seen together.  Still the grounds were nice to walk about in and are definitely a popular spot for wedding and other official photography type things.

Of course once you’re in Miami everyone wants to know when you’re going to Miami Beach.  Home to art deco hotels, clubs, and tons of people, it’s a huge hub of activity in town. For me, the hotels are the main draw. I love art deco design, particularly architecture and prints, and there is no better place to see it.  Except for all those people and clubs. The afternoon was unusually hazy compared to the morning which washed out a lot of the colors. I’ll be going back early some morning to try and avoid the crowds and get some better lighting.

I’ll try to keep posting about my weekends or anything that is of note. More pictures here.


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