Barossa Valley

We’ve slipped out of Alice for a nice long weekend in Adelaide and the surrounding region.  Our first day was spent driving through the Barossa Valley, which is known for its red wines.  The valley is close enough to Adelaide to make an easy day trip, which allowed us to spend a relaxing morning in our favorite spot in the city: Adelaide Central Market.  Once again we were overwhelmed by the fresh produce, delicious meats and cheeses, and felt a desire never to return to Alice.  We ate a delicious breakfast and picked up some snacks for the road before heading out in search of delicious wines.

The drive into the valley was lovely. It’s fall here, so all of the grape leaves were turning yellow and red. Our first stop was at Schild winery.  We have several bottles of a delicious Grenache, Mourverde, Shiraz blend at home and wanted to see if there was anything else we liked.  Both sparkling wines were good, but as Ashley seemed to be coming down with a cold (and things weren’t tasting right) and Drew was playing Sober Bob, we didn’t spend a lot of time there.

It's a quince!

For lunch we stopped at Maggie Beer’s farm shop.  Maggie Beer is the Australian version of Julia Child or Ina Garten.  She is a proponent of eating locally grown/farmed ingredients. The farm is host to a large number of pheasants which are game birds, for display, and ingredients in the pate which the farm is known for.  We decided to skip the pate and instead had some lovely bread and locally produced olive oil. Oh, and peach crumble for dessert. Everything was excellent, and it was probably the quickest and friendliest service we’ve had in Australia.

We finished off our time by visiting a sculpture garden which had a great view of the valley, and then doing a tasting at the Barossa Brewing Company.  The beers ranged from an overly smoky red ale to a delicious Christmas porter.  While we were tasting, the brew house dog came over and demanded we play fetch. Naturally we agreed.

Our next few days will be spent in the city doing some much needed shopping and probably driving to the Adelaide Hills to drink more beer and eat more delicious food. Extra pictures are here.



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