The pictures have been up for a while, but we neglected to link them here. We spent the last five days of our trip relaxing on the beach in Fiji. We stayed at one of the resorts on the Coral coast. The coast has a large reef that acts as a barrier between ocean and the coast, which creates a wonderfully calm coral lagoon. We went snorkeling most mornings and saw a nice variety of fish, sea stars, and coral.

While we did spend most of the week doing a lot of nothing, we did take advantage of one day to go exploring. The resort offered “community tourism”, where we could sign up to help build a new assembly hall at a local elementary school. We mixed and poured concrete for a few hours, then walked over to meet some of the students and take a tour of the school.

With nothing more to do for the day at the construction site besides watch concrete dry, our guide took us on a drive into the interior of the island. This area is known as the “fruit basket of Fiji”, and there were farms tucked in everywhere.

February is rainy season in Fiji, and we had showers every afternoon. It suited us fine though, as we were happy to lounge about to read and relax. The clouds cleared enough for us to watch both sunrise and sunset several days though. All in all, a very relaxing end to a great vacation.

More pictures are here.



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