NZ Day 3: The Road to Queenstown

Imagine the steepest hill you’ve walked up. Now make it steeper. No seriously, raise the grade. Now imagine that for every 9 feet you walk forward, you walk up 3 feet. That’s Baldwin Street where we started our day. It’s in a cozy suburb of Dunedin, and holds the Guinness World Record for World’s Steepest Street. Ashley absolutely had to walk up it. It’s murder on the legs. However, Thomas, the resident cat, was very happy to have visitors. At least as happy as cats get.

Much of the rest of the day was spent driving in and out of the rain. We took the scenic route along the coast and stopped for waterfalls, miniature dolphins, and petrified trees.

The weather was chilly, although more normal for the region, and the rain was nice. The dolphins decided that under the water was more fun than above and none showed. The petrified trees on the other hand were interesting. They sit right on the shore and look more like stumps than anything else. Drew expected more like the petrified forest in Arizona, but these stumps were more worn down by the pounding surf. The easiest ones to make out were the downed logs stretching across the beach.

The rest of the drive took us through rolling hills and banks of clouds. That is until we reached Lake Wakatipu. We crested a ridge and began to see craggy peaks above the clouds. For most of the drive these were obscured by the low hanging clouds, but eventually the tops started to peek through.

Also, have we mentioned the sheep? Sheep farming is quite a big deal. It was rare for us to go more than 30 minutes without seeing at least a few of these guys.

Once we made our way into Queenstown and checked into the hotel, we made our way downtown to grab drinks and dinner. It was Ashley’s birthday, so Drew treated her to a drink at an ice bar. The drinks weren’t bad, and overall the experience was a lot of fun.

The rest of our pictures can be found here, here, and here.


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