NZ Day 2: Dunedin

When we arrived in Dunedin, the first thing we noticed was that it was bright. Despite it being 7:45, the sun was still shining. After a very long day we were exhausted but had a hard time crawling in bed since sunset wasn’t until after 9pm.

The next morning (sunrise at roughly 0620), we set out to explore the town. We found a delightful Chinese Garden and spent a good hour walking around and enjoying the peace and quiet.

The main train station (top pic) is an impressive site and the interior is filled with ornate widows and mosaics. There was also an art gallery and sports museum inside, in addition to still being a working train station.

From there we went to The Octagon, which is as close to a town square as Dunedin has. We visited the First Church of Otago, which is a lovely Presbyterian church overlooking the city. Lunch (Japanese, including real ramen) was delicious. Afterwards, we picked up some postcards and souvenirs and took a quick break to rest our feet.

To end the day, we made our way to the Speight’s Brewery for a tour. The tour was an odd mix of historical facts and brewing technique. It was interesting to hear about how the Christchurch earthquake four years ago affected the entire island and not just the city. As a result, Speight’s had to close down it’s old school brew house and build a new one to take on extra brewing work. The old equipment was much more interesting than the new (we may have been on one or two brewery tours before…). The tastings at the bar were excellent though – visitors are encouraged to pour their own and sample anything on tap. We enjoyed it enough to stop by the Ale House right down the street for a second round and some dinner. We’ll spend tomorrow driving along the coast before heading into the mountains.

More pictures here.


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