Rain in the Red Center

Ooops, did we say Red Center? We meant Green. With all the rain we’ve seen lately, there’s an abundance of grass shooting up everywhere.

The local tradition holds that if you see the Todd River flow three times, you can call yourself a local. With the heaviest rains in Alice for almost 30 years, we’ve seen our third river flowing. The rains have been impressive. One of the major crossings near our house has been closed for 4 days now.  Every night, the police close the bridge closest to us.

We drove north of town just to take a look, and there was green and water everywhere!

While we have friends who are complaining, both of us love this weather. Considering that this time two years ago the temperatures were routinely above 115F (45C), we have absolutely nothing to say. It’s cool and cloudy, and the rain definitely gives people something to talk about!

In the week that’s passed since we took these pictures, the water has all but disappeared. The river beds are nothing but puddles now. However, the water holes are all full and the grass, bugs, and wildlife are abundant.

More pictures of the river flowing here.


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