Great Ocean Road To Adelaide

As our time away from Alice wound to a close, we spent the last two days driving into Adelaide and exploring the city. The drive from Naracoorte towards Adelaide is through rolling farm lands, but not a lot of tourist attractions until you get closer to the city. We stopped in Hahndorf for a quick lunch. The town was founded by German immigrants, a fact that is clearly a source of pride. It would definitely be worth a long day trip from Adelaide. The food was great (bratwurst, chocolate, and beer) and the shops looked interesting.

However, we did not have time to stop for long. We were on a mission. Our friend had an appointment to hold a koala at the Cleland Wildlife Park. You may remember us talking about Paul’s Place on our first vacation. Cleland Park is the more organized and coordinated version. Maggie got to hold a koala and pet a wallaby, a grey kangaroo, an echidna, a bandicoot, and an emu. We also saw some big red roos having a bit of a fight. It was a great place to spend several hours walking amongst the wildlife. After interacting with all of the animals, we drove to Adelaide and went out for Belgian beer and mussels before calling it a night.

We spent our last day exploring the city, starting with a tour of the Haigh’s chocolate factory. The tour was short, but it was neat to watch them make truffles and learn about the history of the company (plus, the free chocolate was excellent). We’re bummed that even though they have an online store, they won’t ship to the NT.

After the chocolate, we toured around the Art Gallery of South Australia. Ashley and Maggie were excited to see an exhibit on haute couture (Drew thinks it’s all meh) and a smaller one focusing on lace. From there, we stopped at the National Wine Centre and tasted some okay wines. They have all of the wine hooked into machines that dole out tastes (or glasses) and add it to a chipped card. At the end, you pay for what you drank. It’s an interesting system, but we found it hard to navigate through 100 wines when they were not grouped in any logical way (style, region, etc.). We finished up the day by strolling through the Botanical Gardens.

We head back to Alice tomorrow for a few more days of sight seeing before sending Maggie off to Sydney. Pictures from Adelaide are here and we’ll have more soon!


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