Great Ocean Road Day 3 – Port Campbell to Naracoorte

Today we left the ocean behind and turned inland for our trip up to Adelaide. Ashley is shockingly becoming a beach person, and she was quite sad to say good bye to the water (not to mention the beach combing opportunities).

We were up early to get to the Twelve Apostles for sunrise. These striking limestone rocks jut out from the shore in a remarkable fashion, and are a testament to wind, waves, and time. The sunrise was made extra spectacular by the extra clouds that blew in over night, although they put a bit of a damper on the rest of the day.

From there we saw, in order, Loch Ard Gorge (above), the Arch, London Bridge, and the Grotto. At each, the cliffs were an impressive and the sea pounding. It wasn’t quite raining at this point, but it certainly wasn’t sunny either, so we jumped back in the car and headed west.

We decided to stop for lunch (and one last look at the beach) in Port Fairy. It’s a cute town just past the end of the the true Great Ocean Road. There was a small farmers market, so Ashley bought a few pieces of jewelry, while Drew provisioned us with macarons for the rest of the journey.

From that point on, there was nothing between us and our cozy cottage but kilometers of highway. A long drive through the rain (yes, real rain!) mean that we did not hop out of the car to take pictures or stretch our legs. We did pull over for a quick glass of wine in Coonawarra, but nothing was tasty enough to take home. We’re in for another long day of driving tomorrow, but at the end of it is a koala experience and Adelaide! More pictures (especially of the sunrise) are here.


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