Great Ocean Road Day 2 – Apollo Bay to Port Campbell

After a good night’s sleep, we got up early to continue our vacation. Ashley walked along the beach and found several interesting shells and a handful of beach glass. After packing the car, we continued to drive west, into Great Otway National Park.

Our first stop was Maits Rest – a short hike through a rainforest studded with giant trees. It was nice and peaceful, especially as the undergrowth was full of giant ferns.

We next drove towards the Otway Lighthouse. The road there is well known for koalas, and there were lots of places to pull over and look. We found several spots with half a dozen hanging around, so we had a lot of fun taking pictures. One energetic koala slid halfway down his tree before deciding he liked it after all and climbed back up.

Melba Gully is another rainforest enclave, and we enjoyed this trek as well, although it had several steep patches to it. We’re pretty sure this sign is telling us to be careful not to slip, but it could also be telling us to party!

Next, we headed deeper into the park for Otway Fly. This is a treetop walk, so you end up 100 feet off the ground. It was definitely an experience to be up so high. Even though you know you’re secured to the steel pylons, when the wind is blowing it’s hard to tell if you are swaying or the trees are.

Our last stop was at the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery. We tasted an excellent whisky and sat on the porch to enjoy some homemade ice cream to end the day. Now we’re hanging out in Port Cambpell for the night and planning our 12 Apostles visit for tomorrow. The rest of the pictures are here.


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