Margaret River

Pierce, Ashley, & Gary

Sorry for the radio silence folks. We’ve been busy crossing a continent and trying as many wines as we could. We left Tasmania and flew to Perth to meet up with our friends Pierce and Gary. We immediately grabbed a rental car and made the long drive out to Margaret River to begin the next leg of our adventure. The food was quite good – we’d definitely recommend The Bakery, and there is also a lot of surprisingly good Tex Mex.

We started our wine adventure at House of Cards. We’d recommend stopping there, but not for the wine, which was good but not our favorite. Instead, next door is an amazing chocolatier – Gabriel Chocolate. We all enjoyed the tasting and grabbed some chocolate to go. The sales clerk turned out to be from Vancouver, and she gave us a lot of advice on where to stop. (We found this a reoccurring theme for the trip – North American west coasters all flock to Margaret River. The climate and culture are similar to San Diego. I think the hometown furthest east of anyone we met was was Arizona.)

Next we checked out two more wineries and a brewery. The first winery (Windows) was very good, and a few bottles are heading our way. The brewery (Bush Shack) was somewhat disappointing. The brewery did have a wide selection of alcoholic sodas that were sneaky good, but the beer was nothing spectacular.

We finished our first day with a delectable meat/olives/bread plate before visiting our last vineyard (Happs). The wines were excellent (a few more bottles are destined for our wine rack), and they had over 30 to taste. They also had a potter in residence, and we picked up some bowls in a lovely blue.

The next morning we went for a run along the beach. There were some great warning signs about helicopter sharks and feral bicycles along the way. There was also a major surfing competition going on, so a good chunk of the beach was closed.

Olive tree

After another delicious brekkie, we found an olive grove and tasted some fresh olive oil. We hit up one final brewery/winery where the wines outshone the beer. If it seems like most of the trip is about food and booze, it is. Where Tasmania is known for its pristine wilderness, MR is known for the food. It’s been nice to eat food we can’t get in Alice. It surprises us how used we get to the selection in Alice and how much we miss certain things.

After three great days, we left MR and drove back to Perth. Our activity for the day was the Little Creatures brewery. The brewery tour was surprisingly interesting. Before founding the brewery, the brewmaster had worked in Oregon and styled these beers after the ales he had brewed with there. The food was excellent and we had a relaxing day in Perth. We didn’t get much of a choice in that regard since everything closes early in Perth on Saturday and isn’t open at all on Sunday. Apparently this is designed to encourage Perhers (Perthians? Perthites?) to spend more time with their families but it makes going out to eat on a Saturday night difficult.

Wineries and tasty meals make for happy travelers but not for epic pictures. Our photos are here. We’re off to the beach for a couple of days. It’s an island off the coast of Perth so we may not get a good internet signal. If not, we’ll see you all when we return to the mainland.


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