Last Days in Tasmania

Our last few days in Tasmania were wonderfully relaxing. On Sunday, we spent the day on the shores of Great Lake in a friends’ fishing cabin/shack. The cabin is a cozy affair, heated by a wood stove an an open fire. We spent the first day curled up in front of the fire reading and knitting. The quiet day was a wonderful reprieve after the the long drives. That night, we went out and took some photographs of the stars. There are no lights for miles; not across the lake, nor from the road behind the shack. The Milky Way was instantly visible from the lake shore. The pictures came out so-so, but the stars were breath taking.
We spent the next day fishing the Mersey river.  The river was the color of strong tea from the recent rain but the fish were very active. Trout were frequently seen coming to the surface, and occasionally leaping out of the water to catch a new mayfly. Despite their activity, only one small brown trout was caught (by Drew). Ashley had a couple on the hook but couldn’t land them. To make up for it, she caught a glimpse of a platypus. The day was nice and we returned to our fires and the cozy cabin for a final night.
Our last day in Tassie was unseasonably warm. We took the long way around the Great Lake in order to stop at the Nant Distillery. We’d stopped at their bar on our first day, but decided to visit the actual distillery for another taste and tour of the beautiful countryside. Most of the buildings date from the original owners the property (when it was a flour mill). Because it was early on a Tuesday, we got a private tour from the guide and one of the distillers.

From there we drove back to Launceston.  We visited the gorge near town and then headed to one of the parks. The park was lovely – full of old trees, and strangely enough, a troop of macaques.  Ashley found a friendly kookaburra posing in one of the trees. After enjoying a lovely dinner, we packed and got ready to head off to Perth.

As always, the rest of the pics are here.


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