Narawntupu National Park

We’ve skipped a few days, first because it was rainy in Launceston and we had a low-key day, then because we didn’t get the internet up and running our first night at Cradle Mountain.

In Launceston, we visited the local history museum and the James Boag brewery. Both were nice rainy day activities, and while we found an excellent new beer (get the Wizard Smith beer if you’re in Tassie!), nothing too exciting happened.

The next day made up for that though. We drove out of Lonnie and headed up to Narawntupu National Park. It has been described as the “Serengeti of Tasmania,” and it did not disappoint.  We hiked through a coastal forest up to a lookout and saw an amazing amount of wildlife. There native birds were out in force, and the park provided a nice blind to watch them from. We even got to see some black swans reasonably close.
The ‘roos, wallabies, and pademelons (in order of size) were also out. Ashley is still the raining champion of the “spot the thing” game. According to the park, the wallabies are the most inquisitive of the group but we’ve found the pademelons to be the most open and hospitable.
At the top of the lookout, we could see down to the beach as well as the marshy plane that was be home to much of the wildlife in the area. On our way down, we ran into a couple who warned us of snakes along the trail. Despite keeping his eyes peeled, Drew walked right past a big one. Turns out Australia has copperheads too and it’s mating season, which means they’re a bit more ornery than normal. Fortunately this one didn’t seem too interested in us. The second one quickly slithered away as we walked past. Just about the only animal we didn’t see was a wombat, which Ashley had been waiting for the whole trip. However…
Once we’d finished our hike, we drove to Cradle Mountain. One of Tasmania’s most iconic locations, it’s the last of the big parks we’ll visit while we’re here. On the way, we made a brief detour to the 7 Sheds brewery. We only saw one shed, but the beer was fantastic. We can only hope they get some coverage in Alice. Once we arrived at Cradle Mountain, Ashley immediately found a couple of wombats behind the room. The folks in Hobart probably heard the squeeee she let out as she dashed out to take pictures. The lodge here is lovely and we went for one last short walk before dinner, where we planned an excursion into the park for our last big hike of the trip.
More pictures here (the last few are of snakes, so if you aren’t a fan, stop at the wallaby drinking from a puddle).

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