Beanie Festival

Winter is the season for events in Alice, and this weekend was no exception. Friday was midwinter day, and Saturday was mild enough to wear a t-shirt. Go figure. The Alice Springs Beanie Festival started yesterday, and Ashley went out to take a look. Handmade beanies are sent to Alice from knitters, crocheters, and felters worldwide. Some are entered into competition, and some are put on sale. The festival was crazy crowded, and I believe the organizer when they say there are thousands of beanies there. It’s hard to describe the day in words, so let’s try pictures:

Here’s an idea of how crowded the room was. Also, don’t you just love the bilbies?

Most of the tables looked like this. We walked around trying on hats and admiring the craftsmanship. Some hats were fairly inexpensive ($30-40), but other, more intricate ones, were going for hundreds of dollars. Ashley won a beanie from a knitting blogger, so she didn’t buy one. However, there were a few that she thought about…

Flamingos are in season now, right?

And owls are always popular!

This one was in the contest. It had already been sold by the time Ashley walked by, which is a shame, because SQUID!

Even the local wildlife got into the spirit of things! (No idea what this guy is by the way… probably a wombat). After walking around, Ashley also took a class on dyeing/painting yarn. The dye is still setting, so no pictures of that. All in all, a fabulous day!

More pictures here.


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