Ligurian Bees

KI Spirits bees

As you might know, Ashley likes bees. So, she was very pleased to discover that Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for Ligurian honey bees. These bees are originally from Italy, and were brought to KI in the 1880s. Due to their isolation, they are now the only pure strain of these bees to be found anywhere in the world. Also due to the same factors, these bees are healthy and not bothered by mites or other pests. KI works hard to keep it that way.

Bee quarantine

There are two commercial beehives on KI, and we stopped at both to browse and sample honey. Ashley has been eating local honey for years – in Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Falls Chuch, and now Alice Springs. The KI honey was much creamier than she was used to – it’s hard to describe, but it coated your mouth in an unusual way. The honey is harvested seasonally, and we tried several varieties. Our favorite ended up being cup gum, which is a winter flowering tree (winter here is May – Sept, so we were enjoying last year’s harvest).

Honey koala!

We bought some honey to take back with us. Notice anything special about the bottle? That’s right, we now have a well dressed honey koala bear!

King George Bay bees

From the beach to the woods, there were bees all over the island. It was nice to see these little guys all over the place and see a positive example of quarantine at work.


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