Kangaroo Island Day The Final


Yup, it’s our last day on Kangaroo Island, and we’re sad to say goodbye. It’s been fun roaming around the island and checking out the varied flora and fauna. Tomorrow we’re back in Adelaide for a few days of shopping, museums, restaurants, and beer before heading home to Alice.

It was a rock... lobster!

Flinders Chase National Park occupies the western third-ish of Kangaroo Island. It’s 100km from Kingscote, but the roads are paved the whole way. The park is known for its Remarkable Rocks, lighthouses, and (like the rest of KI) wildlife.

Glamour shot!

The Remarkable Rocks are actually very impressive. If they were made out of something other than granite, they’d belong in front of the MoMA or Tate Modern. Instead, they stand as a great testament to the weird ways that wind, salt, and water can eat away at things.

A short drive away is the Cape du Couedic lighthouse. Now completely electric and automated, the lighthouse originally ran on kerosene. The lighthouse keeper and his family lived about 1.5km further down the coast, and had all their supplies delivered by boat and then winched up a seriously steep cliff.

Admirals Arch

From the lighthouse, it was a short walk down to Admirals Arch. The rock formations surrounding the arch are home to fur seals (New Zealand and Australian) and sea lions.


Seals are more active than sea lions, so we saw lots of splashing around and playing in the tidal pools and waves.

Yes, that was the trail.

The hike between the coast and the lighthouse was pretty, and had interesting info posted about the way plants adapt to being so exposed to the elements. The trail was what you see here – the yellow arrow signposts every so often were very helpful!

Koala, just chillin'

Back at the visitor center, Ashley showed her uncanny ability to find things by spotting three koalas hanging out above the parking lot. It’s kind of weird just to look up and see them chilling above our heads. From there, we took a walk down to the platypus waterhole. KI hasn’t seen much rain in a while so the hole was pretty low. No platypuses (yes, I mean platypuses! No pseudo Latin here) were to be found. It was an interesting walk through a dried up marsh and some gum forests. The scenery was nice, but the front moving in was threatening rain so we hurried back to the hotel.

We should give a shout out to the Mexican place – it was tasty enough to visit twice. Considering the dearth of good Mexican in Alice, Yellow Ash and Chili filled an amazing void. Besides, they’ve got this awesome mural outside the front door.

Time to go pack… more pictures are here.


One thought on “Kangaroo Island Day The Final

  1. Perhaps it’s best you didn’t see a platypus…the males have a venom sac on their hind legs. That’s right, PLATYPI ARE VENOMOUS. The more you know!

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