Kangaroo Island Day 1

Fairy Wren

We’re on vacation! After five months in Alice, we decided it was time to start exploring the rest of Australia. Our first trip took us to South Australia – we’ll be spending a few days on Kangaroo Island and a few days in Adelaide. Expect lots of updates this week!

The drive from Adelaide to Cape Jervis takes you through the heart of SA of wine country. What should have been peak harvesting season is now the time to cover the bushes from birds. The heat of the Australian summer pushed the grape harvest up almost a month. Pruning won’t start for a couple more months so the vineyards are pretty inactive. Not that much would be happening at 7AM on a Sunday morning anyways. Nevertheless, the drive was pretty. The same could not be said of the ferry ride to the island. Only 16.5km separating the Kangaroo Island (KI) from the mainland. With such a short distance one would assume the waters to be calm and peaceful. One would be mistaken. The ferry rolled heavily in the waves (maybe it was because I was reading about Theon Greyjoy), and Ashley promptly fell asleep to ignore it all.

Once we got to the island our first stop (after lunch of course) was to KI Spirits, the Island’s only distillery. This is what I want all of my distilleries to look like. The friendly staff was on hand to greet us at the door. We sampled most of their delicious liquors and their gin. All were excellent. The gin doesn’t require tonic water and has an amazing amount of flavor. We bought a couple of small bottles to carry back with us and made plans to order more once we got home. Then, off for more adventuring.

Gobble gobble

So apparently KI has wild turkeys? These dudes(?) we just hanging out by the side of the road. Definitely not something that’s included on the tour guides

We stopped at the Duck Lagoon (really, we followed the signs) on a whim. Only in Australia would I be willing to try and find a park at the end of a dirt road based on one tiny sign. The park was surrounded by sheep pastures. The remains of old, rusted farm equipment were scattered around. Some the wreckage seemed a bit staged. Still cool but odd. However, the highlight of the stop was the fuzzy little friend we found by the parking lot. Just chillin’ in the tree. Nothing special.

Feed me!

Before grabbing some dinner and making plans for the the next day, we hit the Kingscote harbor for a pelican feeding. Pelicans are weird. The bloke giving the talk had some interesting facts about pelicans but most of them were lost after watching the pelicans try to eat his hands and making funny faces while they scarfed down fish.

More pictures from the day can be found here.


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