Seasons Greetings!

Alice Springs tree

Although growing up in the South meant that we’ve both had our share of mild winters (hello 50 degrees), it in no way has prepared us for a Southern Hemisphere Christmas. The temps are routinely above 100 here – and it’s only going to get hotter.

We’ve been trying to get in the holiday spirit, despite the heat. A week ago, we helped friends celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with latkes, kugel, and lots of fried food. We bought and decorated our (first artificial) tree with a mixture of ornaments from home (the Varsity! Krispy Kreme! Coca Cola!) and here (Aboriginal art, kangaroos, platypuses).

On Friday night, Ashley went down to the Todd Mall to watch the local tree lighting. (Drew tried to go to Rainbow Valley to watch the Geminids Meteor Shower, but it was too cloudy.) It was… interesting. It was mainly a carnival for the kids and was one of the more crowded markets. There were live bands playing, but they were covering John Denver and the Dixie Chicks, not singing Christmas songs. The crowd counted down and the tree was lit, followed by a fireworks display. A bit anti-climatic compared to how it’s done in the US, but very Alice.

We hope y’all are all getting into the holiday spirit and enjoying the chilly weather. We miss you!


One thought on “Seasons Greetings!

  1. So jealous! Hope to visit. Trying to convince Clay to stay an extra week or two after his campaign and let me come for that time so we can visit y’all.

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