Alice Springs Reptile Center

Warning: This post will contain pictures & descriptions of lizards and snakes. If that’s not your cuppa, don’t scroll down.

To say Australia has its fair share of dangerous reptiles is a small understatement.  With 5 of the worlds 10 most deadly snakes, saltwater crocodiles, spiders, jelly fish, and manta rays (will this ever get old?) there is plenty to be worried about.  But it’s also home to skinks, dragons, horned devils, and other awesome creatures.  Even with the deadly snakes, bites are rare and deaths even more so. See here.

One of the first stops for people visiting The Alice is the Reptile Centre.  It houses a  wide range of animals, from geckos to snakes to Terry the Saltwater Croc.  The staff is amazingly friendly and Reptile Rex can usually be found at any event/party in town.

Snakes ahead (last warning!)

The geckos are cool but tough to photograph based on their preference for dark environs. The lizards were up and about though. The frilled lizard wouldn’t cooperate despite his desire to pose for photographs.

The snakes on the other hand were very active and accommodating. The lovely green fellow below is the Inland Taipan.  Deadliest snake on the planet. LD50 for pure Taipoxin (name for its venom) is 2 µg/kg. That’s the bad news. Good news? It’s fangs average about 2-3 mm in length.  Rarely long enough to penetrate pants. Overall lesson about snakes: if it looks like one, don’t go pestering it. Not that that will stop the locals but that’s a story for another time.

A more cordial member of community, Zeus the olive python, came out to say “Hi”.  He was heavier than expected and bit too curious for his own good. The Horny Devil has a thing for hair so he ended up feeling right at home.  Terry wasn’t feeling sociable so all he’d show was his tail.  We’re looking forward to taking our first visitors over to meet our scaly friends. Always, the rest of the album is here.


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