It was a Rock-wallaby!

Everyone likes kangaroos. However, in practice they’re like deer and can be annoying (hitting your car and eating your garden, for instance). They’re also not as active as you’d expect and really aren’t that cuddly looking up close.  Wallabies are entire different. They look like miniature ‘roos, hop around a good bit, and look like they need a good hug.

Right on the other side of the ridge our front door faces is a small Rock-wallaby habitat.  It also happens to be the site of a hotel.  Rather then cordon of the habitat, the hotel encourages guests and visitors to come and feed them.  For a dollar a bag, you can buy wallaby food, take a seat outside, and the wallabies will flock to your hands.  If you’re not  careful, the cuteness can overwhelm you.  Also, being devoured by wallabies is a terribly awkward thing to do die from.

The wallabies are so adjusted to a human presence that they give pretty good instructions on proper feeding technique. They will latch on to your arm and move it to the proper spot.  This can be painful.  Several of them don’t trim their claws and they will leave marks. Don’t try and move your arm.  They will hold on and fight you for it. They don’t bite, even when going for the pellets between your fingers. They also understand that being petted is part of the bargain.     

The feeding dynamic is interesting. If it’s been a busy day, the wallabies will eat slowly.  The won’t mob anyone and generally will be pretty relaxed. If it’s been a slow day they’ll queue, hiss, and slap their way to your hand. Not at you of course, but each other. Not being an expert on gender identification, unless it’s obvious (which it can be), I can’t tell if the females are more aggressive about for than the males. Watching tiny little kangaroos box is pretty darn funny. Can’t imagine why people would want to try though.

Here’s the pictures.  The cuteness is pretty overwhelming so be sure to only view in small doses.


3 thoughts on “It was a Rock-wallaby!

  1. HOLY CRAP. Those pictures are so stinking cute I can’t stand it. Any idea how long it’s been there? As in…do you think the wallaby habitat will still be there in say, 2 years? 🙂

  2. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I just had a cute overload during breakfast and squee’d. Even the ever-“what’s wrong with you, why are you looking at photos of animals?”-husband thought they were cute. That is SO awesome.

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