Sydney – Darling Harbour

As our last day in Sydney dawned bright and pleasant, we decided to visit the Darling Harbour area.  We found a delightful pancake shop in the Rocks for breakfast. It was as close to an IHOP as we saw (but still miles away from a WaHo).  The food was great but we already began to miss American style bacon.  This is going to be a recurring theme over the next several years. We are strongly debating setting up a smoker to solve this issue.

Anyways, back to Sydney. We walked across the Harbour Bridge in the morning. There was a surprising amount of pedestrian traffic (including this cute dog) for being late in the morning. The breeze felt nice and it was a very nice walk.  We’ve talked about the cruise ship before so I’ll simply post another picture and move on.

Darling Harbour proper is a major tourist destination. The Ripley’s is there as is an animal show. The restaurants seem nice but pricey and catering to the expense account set.

However, away from the major feature is a very nice, modern play ground that we found teeming with children.  It would definitely be a great place to bring kids or even a dog to walk around. Sadly, the mob of children meant good pictures were difficult to be had.


A “hidden” gem is the Chinese Friendship Garden.  It’s at the south end of the park. Whenwe got there it was partially closed for a movie. The cashier took particular care to remind us that the pavilion in the center wasn’t original but only part of the set. Guess it messes with the feng shui of the place. This did make navigating the gardens a bit of a hassle though.

The gardens were beautiful.  There was a lot of cute wildlife and countless wonderful vistas.  The black bamboo was particularly interesting feature.  However, every rock, tree, bush, bench, and fish was symbolic of something.   It got to be a bit overwhelming and frankly a bit silly. The majesty of the place is obvious without having a dozen signs directing your attention.

Feeling in an Asian mood, we stopped in for udon and sushi for lunch. The udon was good, sushi, not so much. The filler in the rolls was tuna salad. Canned tuna salad. ‘Nuff said.

After lunch, we hiked past the Ford booth of the Sydney Auto show and hit up the

Powerhouse museum. It was a pretty cool science/technology museum. We didn’t get to see a working demonstration of the oldest surviving Boulton & Watt steam engine. By this point in the day, we were both pretty flagged out and pictures weren’t the first thing on our mind.

Instead we made it back to our hotel, knowing that early morning awaited us as we packed our bags for Alice Springs. Here’s the link for the album.


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